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A SDLC (Secure Development Lifecycle) framework is the glue the binds all the relevant security processes, technologies and methodologies together within your organisation. This framework can either be extremely lightweight (typically for smaller organisations) or more robust for larger organisations.

The OpenSAMM Framework ( that is sponsored and supported by OWASP along with other standards for Application Security including the BSIMM projects provide an excellent starting place and roadmap on considerations for any organisations. Typically, an SDLC covers the following key areas:
  1. Strategy & Metics
  2. Policy & Compliance
  3. Education & Guidance
  4. Threat Assessment/Environment
  5. Security Requirements
  6. Secure Architecture & Design
  7. Design Review
  8. Code Review
  9. Security Testing
  10. Vulnerability Management
  11. Environment/Platform Hardening
  12. Operational Enablement

Appsecure works alongside our clients, to help implement successful SDLC programs that cover these particular areas. A maturity assessment will create the initial steps and align your organisation with these open standards. From here, you can develop a plan and start to implement key areas of the SDLC within the organisation.

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Strategic Security
Standards & Guidance
Compliance & Audit
OpenSAMM (Secure SDL)
PCI Alignement
Data & Privacy Security
Risk Management

Education & Awareness
Developer Training
CBT Training
Security Awareness Courses

Research & Testing
Penetration Testing
Assurance Testing
Source Code Review
Web Services Security
Mobile Application Security
Architecture & Design

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