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We, the ‘Application security advocates’ have been preaching for years that no application security programme is complete without methodical training of project members. However, we have seen and realised that it is a difficult task to ask 10 to 15 key project members to leave everything where it is and confine themselves in a training room for 2 or more days. Furthermore, the attendees are overwhelmed with the amount of information presented in the course, making it difficult for them to grasp, retain and apply everything that has been covered.

In order to help organisations overcome these shortcomings of traditional training approach, Appsecure is now offering ‘first of its kind in Asia Pacific’ application security lecture series. We have evolved our renowned training courses into self-contained highly interactive 2 hour lectures. In every lecture, trainer focuses on one topic or multiple closely related topics and use examples and demonstrations to provide just enough information that can be easily be grasped, retained and hence applied by attendees. Finally, project members may only attend the sessions which cover topics directly related to their role. This approach not only offers flexibility to the organisations but also is very cost effective.

Appsecure’s lecture series comprises of the following lectures catering for all development staff having different roles i.e. architects, developers, testers and project managers.

  • Information Security 101 - What and Why? (ICT-1-IS)
  • An introduction to the OWASP Top 10 (LCT-2-T10)
  • Client Side Vulnerabilities - Detection and Prevention (LCT-3-CSV)
  • Server Side Vulnerabilities - Detection and Prevention (LCT-4-SSV)
  • Web Services Security (LCT-5-WSS)
  • Principles of Secure Application Design and Architecture (LCT-6-SAD)
  • Threat Modelling - An introduction (LCT-7-TM)
  • Application Security for Project Leaders (LCT-8-SPL)
  • Automated security testing techniques - Static Analysis (LCT-9-SSA)
  • Automated security testing techniques - Dynamic Analysis (LCT-10-SDA)

Our team is actively creating additional content for our clients; talk with us today about the topics that you would like to see developed and delivered. Download the detailed course curriculum of Appsecure’s application security lecture series.

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