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Appsecure Pty Ltd in 2011 has undertaken an environment impact assessment, against our consulting & services activities to determine our footprint on the environment. We believe in a balanced future and this assessment showed that due to the nature of our business and the travel required, that our impact on the environment is significant if not managed correctly. To ensure Appsecure takes a balanced approach to the environment, we've become carbon netural. The following activities are undertaken as part of our day to day business.

Business Travel
Our business travel for consultants is the most significant impact on the environment i.e. air travel. We've adopted a direct policy of flying with Virgin Australia and we've been working with them to ensure that all our business travel is now carbon neutral. Virgin Australia provides a direct offset of each flight undertaken for the company and ensures this is put back into the environment. If you would like to understand more about the carbon neutral footprint with Virgin Australia please contact us.

Office Energy
We use Origin energy as the primary supplier of engery for our offices. Locally on the Gold Coast, our servers are hosted at a carbon friendly hosting environment. Appsecure chooses to use up to 50% renewable green energy programs, thus ensuring we limit our environment impact on energy devices.

Office Paper
While, Appsecure tries to be a paperless office, unfortunately, they don't really exist. When paper is required, we only use 100% recycled reflex paper and require our suppliers of office supplies to do the same.

Environmental Impact
Although, we've taken measures to reduce the impact Appsecure has on the environment, we are always working within the industry to find better and more environmentally friendly ways to reduce our impact on the environment. If you have any questions on how Appsecure manages our environment and sustainability program, please feel free to talk with us today.

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