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Appsecure provides Industry leading security training for organisations and individuals across Australia and the Asia Pacific Rim. Our trainers are experienced developers and architects as well as security specialists, allowing our team to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience during any education program run for your organisation.

Our Computer Based Training (CBT) programs provide real-time 24x7 access for developers and business owners to easily gain access to knowledge resources without the need to leave their computer workstation. Appsecure has partnered with Safelight Security a world wide leader in CBT development and delivery. Incorporating the Safelight technologies with the experience of our research teams, Appsecure provides a diverse range of training.

We provide a number of basic training programs, these can be easily and rapidly rolled out within your organisation. However, these courses can also be customised to suit the environment or specific training requirements. On top of this, our team can also design an entire education program for your application security team. Our courses which we offer through Computer Based Training include:

For Business/Technical Teams
  •    Introduction to Security Awareness (101)
  •    Information Security Privacy Requirements
  •    Security Awareness for Business
  •    Security for Compliance (International & Australia)
For Development Teams & Security Testers
  •    Intro to Secure Software Development and SDLC
  •    Application Security Fundamentals
  •    Secure Java Coding
  •    Secure .NET Coding
  •    Secure Web Coding
  •    Secure C/C++ Coding
  •    Architecture for Secure Systems
  •    QA Testing for Secure Systems
  •    IT Security Fundamentals

Our CBT programs can be quickly deployed "as-is" and provided on a per-seat basis. These can be either hosted internally within your environment or can be provided 24x7 in our data centre with the only requirement, an Internet connection. Courses can be customised to ensure they use similar issues identified within your organisation, thus ensuring that the programs can address issues previously identified. Want to understand more about our CBT and education programs? We can even arrange an online demonstration for you to access.

For more information on Safelight and their education programs available, feel free to visit or talk with one of our consultants.

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Education & Awareness
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Research & Testing
Penetration Testing
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