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Are you a small company or limited in specialist resources in Application Security? Appsecure is dedicated to helping your organisation implement security without the hassle of training or keeping specialist security consultants onsite. We provide specialist resources directly to our clients, either on an on-call or weekly basis. This helps reduce the need for specialist consultants within your organisation, but gives you access to these resources through our dedicated team. Our engagement model for managed services is extremely flexible in most cases, clients either choose bulk allotments of hours for work to be completed or receive weekly/monthly activities performed.

Some of the typical functions we perform under managed serivces for our clients include:

  • Security Consulting & Advice for project related implementations
  • Weekly/Monthly testing of production systems (remote & onsite)
  •  Secure Code Assessments during project development
  • Educational programs for new employee's and re-training
  • Zero-day Assurance Services

Appsecure also offers a number of automated and manual assissted testing programs that can be used to ensure vulnerabilities are not introduced into code during release cycles for applications. These regular audit programs can be implemented on weekly or monthly programs to identify new vulnerabilities and provide reporting on potenial threats to the organisation.

Zero-Day Assurance Service
Our zero-day assurance program is designed to ensure clients are on top of new threats as they happen. Our research team is plugged into the world of events and can keep you updated on relevant threats as they happen, without the need for yourself or your team to sift through the thousands of security bulletins and then make a determination on what impact it may have on your organisation.

To setup a zero-Day Assurance service, our team completes an assessment criteria list of your organisation's profile, as well as technology used, infrastructure, platforms and applications/databases. From this, we create a client profile which in turn can be used to advise you on events that may impact your organisation. We provide a filter between the substanial amount of events that occur and what really has impact to you. As a part of this process, our team provides risk based analysis on each event so that a quick and informed decision can be made fast.

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